Project Blackout [PB USA] Mission Card

Mission System
Similar to quests on other online games, Project Blackout gives you rewards when you complete given quests. Every Mission Card is composed of 10 Initial Cards marked by "P,O,I,N1,T,B,L,A,N2,K" When you complete missions written on all 10 Initial Cards, you will receive an item that corresponds to the Mission Card.

Mission Card Rules
Even if you complete the mission during your game, you have to complete the game to receive credit for the mission.

Purchasing Mission Cards
Mission Cards can be purchased through the Mission menu. Click on the desired card and press the purchase button. You can also delete unwanted cards by highlighting the unwanted card, then pressing the delete button.

Completing a Mission
Have your Mission Card selected. When you enter the map, the Mission Status window will pop up on the top left corner of your screen. Completed missions will display in green, missions in progress will display in white.

Collecting Rewards
Completing missions written on different initial cards will reward players with exp and emblems. If you complete missions on all of P,O,I,N1,T,B,L,A,N2,K cards, you will receive rewards such as weapons, Master Badges and EXP as a final reward. All cards will disappear from your inventory when final rewards are received.